Manu Dehury

Because of bilateral cataract, she was practically blind for all purposes. A stick was her companion. After cataract surgery, she is now able to take her goats to the fields for grazing. She is also able to help her daughter-in-law with household chores and play with her grandchildren.

Trilochan Mallik

He has been suffering from cataract from last 3 years. He became dependent on the very grandchildren who he was caretaker of. After surgery, he is able to work normally and play around with his grandchildren.

Dolagbinda Sahoo

He is book lover and loves to read Bhagavad Gita everyday. But some days before his vision got hazy and his habit of reading Gita got affected. He came to the camp and cataract detected in his left eye, Surgery was done and the result is overwhelming for him, Now he is reading his Bhagavat Gita happily.