• We believe that every human being has the right to sight.
  • We perceive our work on the basis of equality and mutual respect.
  • We work in the spirit of collaboration with local individuals, NGOs, and social non-profit organizations
  • We are accountable for our action, honest and transparent in our communication with our supporting foundations, individuals, donors and well wishers.
  • We are open minded, creative and thrive for constant improvement.


To be the leading force in the fight against preventable blindness in India.


To reach out to deserving and needy individuals suffering from curable eye ailments and to
provide quality, timely and affordable treatment.


  • To prevent the occurence of blindness in our country to the extent possible.
  • To treat all kinds of curable blindness.
  • To establish a network of associate eye hospitals, NGO’s, experts, advisors and volunteers
    strategically in various parts of India.
  • Rehabilitate visually handicapped persons in situations when permanent blindness cannot be