• Over 45 million people in the world are blind. Of these, 18 million live in India.
  • Over 9 million cases of blindness are caused by cataracts; and another 3 million due to refractive errors; both of which are easily treatable conditions.
  • One person goes blind in the world every five seconds, a child goes blind every minute. (As per WHO report-2002).

It was 25 years ago that Dr. Kulin Kothari, driven by a near obsession of making India blind free, established Vision Foundation of India (VFI). An esteemed ophthalmologist, he started the organisation to eradicate curable blindness. Ever since, VFI has been enabling the treatment of destitutes from all parts of India.

VFI provides free eye check ups and surgeries for the downtrodden of the society. The quality of eye care and medical technology is still beyond the reach of most afflicted people in the country. The foundation therefore helps by giving them quality eye care free of cost, through advanced infrastructure and equipment.

VFI has steadily increased its reach to the rural parts of India. The Foundation has operated lakhs of patients and conducted free eye camps in both rural and urban parts of India. Dr. Kulin Kothari firmly believes, lack of money should never be the reason to have poor eyesight.